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on this site you will find digital art, a combination of traditional photography with computer graphics

digitalomoids  - created in an aesthetic process from the digital processing of images in the style of the lomographie (the motive, in my case people from all continents and cultures, is strictly focused, the technical components of the photo like sharpness or exposure are just secondary)

fantasies, cyberdreams & nightmares - artificial creations, formed in the computer and combined with pictures of real people & real animals & all kind of real stuff

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 have lot of fun

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The Artist:

Erwin Rybin was born on the 5th august 1966 in Vienna / Austria and graduated 1992 to the doctor of the physics. He started with first b/w photographs with 13 years and had first acceptances at international photo salons with 19 years.

Since 1994, he is recognized as one of the pioneers of digital picture compositions in Austria and was awarded worldwide for his works, beside exhibitions in Spain, France, Italy and Austria also twice with the main price of the biggest Japanese Photo contest of the Asahi Shinbum Daily News.

At the moment Erwin Rybin lives and works as a freelance in Milan / Italy.