Earth 01

Earth 02
From beyond ASC98

Earth 03
Dance after death

Earth 04
Dancing on the edge of the grave

Earth 05

Fire 01

Fire 02
Sitting on the steps outside

Fire 03
Walking down the hallway     

Fire 04
Into the fire

Fire 05
Through the fires of hell

Water 01
Fountain of youth

Water 02
Faster than the speed of night  ASC98

Water 03
All the clocks are showing zero Algarve98, Circuit Francais98

Water 04
Hold me, hold me little stronger

Water 05

Air 01
The storm I 

Air 02a
The storm II

Air 03
The storm III ASC98, Algarve98, Japan99, Circuit Francais98,

Air 04
The storm IV

Air 05
Epilog (A tribute to Salvador Dali and Jim Steinman)